Orange Squeeze 1.1.2 released

1.1.2 is the version of Orange Squeeze that we released this week.  (No, you didn’t miss 1.1.1. We skipped it for technical reasons.) It’s primarily a bug fix release, stability and usability release, but there are a few enhancements that you may enjoy. It’s available in all of the normal locations.
Here is the full changelog:

Changes in 1.1.2


  • Added fast scroll by position for non-alphabetic lists like the playlist, new music, years, etc.
  • Use the same acceleration curve for volume button touches that we use for hardware keys. This allows for much more granularity using the +/- buttons.
  • Backup agent support to preserve preferences over phone wipe and app uninstallation
  • #16: New preference allows you to choose a default action for track and playlist selection: prompt (the default), play now, play next, or add to end of the current playlist.

Defects fixed

  • Automatic connect preference was not being honored (i.e. always autoconnect).
  • Preserve previous connection to SqueezePlayer if SqueezePlayer autostart is used at server connection time.
  • A few isolated force-close issues fixed.
  • Work around server discovery issue on some Android 4.0 (ICS) devices.
  • Excessive discovery packets were being broadcast.
  • Better flow in “Switch Server” task, which didn’t allow one to back out of it before.
  • Various visual cleanups
  • Cached image memory usage was a bit off, causing problems on some low-memory devices.
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