French and German localization available in beta

By popular request, I have released French and German translations of Orange Squeeze as part of the first beta of version 2.3.6. Update to the beta to try them out.

The translations are done with the help of Google Translate, six years of French in school (25 years ago), six weeks of German with Rosetta Stone (ten years ago), the Logitech Media Server source code (which has a lot of useful translations in the Squeezebox domain), along with a bit of common sense. I’m 100% sure that they are terrible, borderline embarrassing, but I hope that they are better than seeing English day-in and day-out if that is not your native language.

Please send comments to or use the help button to open a ticket with any suggestions on better translations or to have a conversation about what the heck a sentence or word is supposed to mean.

Again, my apologies for the terrible translations.

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