Orange Squeeze 1.1.0 Released

We’re happy to announce the release of Orange Squeeze 1.1.0, the first major feature upgrade release of the product. This adds two significant new features: synchronization support and integration with SqueezePlayer.
Synchronization support allows you to control which devices are synchronized with each other in a multi-device setup. For example, we might have a Squeezebox Boom in the kitchen, a Squeezebox 3 in the office and a Squeezebox Touch in the living room.  These devices can either be synchronized, or not, depending on your wishes. Now your wish is your command using Orange Squeeze.

Integration with SqueezePlayer allows you to seamlessly turn your Android device into a player of its own. You might have a tablet device running Orange Squeeze already, and now you can plug in a nice set of powered speakers, purchase SqueezePlayer, and you’ve got a Squeezebox that you can put anywhere and control using the easy-to-use Orange Squeeze interface.

In addition to these two new features, we’ve fixed several bugs and added some less notable features. They might be important to you, however. Here’s the complete list:

Changes in 1.1.0


  • #3: Synchronization support
  • Added direct integration with SqueezePlayer (resolves issue #13)
  • Added ability to rename players
  • Improved performance of artwork cache

Defects Fixed

  • Menu images not properly visible on Android versions 2.2 and lower
  • Playlist switch button improperly placed on Android 3.0 and higher
  • Drag and drop to first and last items (all places) worked but was sub-par
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