Orange Squeeze 2.5 Beta Released

A quick note that those of you in the beta program (it’s free if you purchased the app!) should start seeing the first build of Orange Squeeze 2.5 available for update. Be gentle, it’s a very early build. Expect frequent updates over the next few weeks as the bugs get ironed out! The Orange Bike Labs twitter feed will be where most of our day-to-day activity will be made, so follow it if you’re interested.
Here are the release notes:

2.5.0 Preview/Alpha (2014-05-09)

Known Limitations/Bugs

  • The now playing screen is missing some key information, such as album, ratings, year, etc.
  • There is some lag in visual responsiveness after changing track, etc.
  • Multi-source support is early, moving players between source isn’t well-supported.
  • There is no list-based playlist view.
  • There are no shuffle/repeat buttons on phone-sized devices.
  • There is no built-in way to view the full-size, uncropped artwork.
  • Limited scripting support, offered using these public Intents
  • Expect other general flakiness! It’s been tested in-house only up to this point.

Notable Changes

  • UI redesign (still in progress, please be patient)
  • Lock screen controls and artwork on newer devices
  • Notification bar controls
  • Multi-server support
  • Muzei Live Wallpaper integration
  • Better diagnostics support making it easier to submit complete log files.

Defects fixed

  • Too many to list here, but probably counterbalanced by the alpha-quality of the release.
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