Orange Squeeze 2.0!

I’m very happy to announce the official launch of Orange Squeeze 2.0 for all of your Android and Squeezebox devices. This release is the culmination of a year of development, and I am very grateful to the dedicated testers who have been beating away on the app over that time. You braved crashes, long droughts of seemingly no development, and probably other things I can’t even imagine, but you all helped shape this great release. Thank you so much!
Now: Those of you who are paying closer attention know that the app has been available for a few weeks already. I decided to do a soft-launch to help mitigate any bugs discovered while the app was deploying to thousands of new devices. The reason I chose today to announce is that I’m finally comfortable making the judgement call that Orange Squeeze 2.0 is now the best, most stable version of Orange Squeeze for all of my customers. So, consider this the “grand opening” for version 2.0.

Past: It was just shy of two years ago, on December 15, 2011, that I released Orange Squeeze 1.0. We’ve all come a long ways since then. Why, there wasn’t even an Android tablet to be had back then, and Logitech was still supporting our beloved Squeezeboxes!

Future: Development continues on what will probably become version 2.1, albeit at a more subdued pace. If you are interested in tracking the development progress, please check out the Orange Squeeze Beta information page.

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