New Orange Squeeze Preview released

Today we dropped a new Orange Squeeze Preview 1.4 upgrade out on Google Play. We’ve been working on this round of preview releases since mid-January, and they add a lot of speed and compatibility improvements along with a bunch of bug fixes too. This particular update adds a few new browsing and now-playing refinements, along with a host of bug fixes from the previous release. We’re moving towards a stable release within the next month or so!
A reminder that Orange Squeeze Preview is FREE for all users of Orange Squeeze, and can be installed alongside your existing Orange Squeeze so that you don’t risk losing access to your music if you encounter a bug.

Since our last update, we also released seven small maintenance releases for the release version of Orange Squeeze, bringing the current version to 1.3.7. This has proven to be a relatively stable release and we will only be issuing updates if critical bugs or incompatibilities are discovered.

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