Orange Squeeze 1.2.4 released

This afternoon we pushed out a new release of Orange Squeeze to all of the normal destinations.  This is primarily a bug fix release, but it does include a few new features of note.  Here are the specifics:


  • Add option to customize Wake-On-LAN settings from the context menu of the “switch servers” or “connect” screen.
  • Default Wake-On-LAN settings now send packet to both ports 7 and 9.
  • General performance improvements when loading larger lists and any time multiple requests were active.

Defects fixed

  • Fixed several issues with older Logitech software versions (tested as far back as 7.3.3), including #46.
  • Several crashes reported on Google Play.
  • Various menu handling fixes, including issues #44, #45, #47.
  • Wake-On-Lan was not being triggered as expected under some circumstances.
  • Fix bug that was sending SqueezePlayer pings after Orange Squeeze had shut down.
  • Fix performance issue on Android 4.x devices where background processes would dramatically slow down artwork loading and other tasks.
  • Fix preference migration issue causing crashes when opening preference screen.
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