Orange Squeeze 1.0.6 Released

We’re very happy to announce the release of Orange Squeeze 1.0.6.  This release is primarily a bug fix and compatibility release to address comments from our users.  This is the first release building on our new bug tracking system, which helps us work in a more organized manner with our users.  In addition to the bug fixes, there are several minor enhancements which you may notice and appreciate.
Here is the full changelog:

Changes since 1.0.5


  • #4: Option to keep screen enabled while running
  • Increase number of concurrent requests for loading artwork
  • Improve drag and drop behavior
  • Show exact volume on volume popup
  • Implement acceleration curve when controlling volume with hardware keys

Defects FIXED

  • #8, #9: Errors with SqueezeCenter 7.3.3
  • #10: Active playlist item not maintained properly on player change.
  • #11: Graphical updates for certain devices
  • Favorite removal was broken
  • Full album list was filtering out compilations
  • Playlist artwork was sized improperly under certain circumstances
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