Upcoming Orange Squeeze 2.5.2 will be the final release

Just a note letting everyone know that the upcoming 2.5.2 release is expected to be the final release of Orange Squeeze, unless there is an absolute show-stopper bug found.

It’s been a fun time developing the app over the past eight years! Orange Squeeze 1.0 was released on December 15, 2011 and development was happening for months before the release. It seems like several lifetimes ago, to be honest.

I appreciate the support of the community, beta testers and new and long-time users. The Squeezebox ecosystem is an amazingly vibrant community and I never expected to be working on this project for as long as I have.

The app will remain for sale on Google Play and Amazon and the liberal refund policies will still be offered. In general, support for the app will cease, except for processing of refunds.

New Orange Bike Labs website

In case you didn’t notice the Orange Bike Labs website has undergone a pretty significant overhaul. It’s sad and remarkably ironic that the old website behaved as badly as it did on mobile devices, so this was a long time coming.

Thanks for your patience as we work to scrub any issues.

Orange Bike Labs is going on tour!

We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far! For Orange Bike Labs, this summer has been quite a roller-coaster ride.
We’ve had local and regional political upheaval, personal tragedies, developers conferencesroad trips, camping trips, and now to wrap things up we’re off on a ten-day (give or take) self-supported bicycle tour of Western Wisconsin.

We think it’s important to take time to enjoy life and take breaks from the grindstone. We love developing software and to keep the quality high we need these breaks.

Work is ongoing on existing and new projects, so keep your eyes peeled as the summer comes to a close, and enjoy our released software in the meantime.


Inaugural Post

Happy New Year!
Today we’re launching the new Orange Bike Labs web site.  We’re very happy to be hosting our site and all related services at WebFaction.  These guys have a pretty fantastic service at a great price.  I highly recommend them.

Just before the 2011 holiday season, Orange Bike Labs also launched our first product, Orange Squeeze. Since then it’s been very well-received, and we invite you to give it a try. It’s only $0.99 on the Android Market (link).  We pushed out a series of maintenance releases in the subsequent two weeks, and now we’re back in development mode as we ready some new features.

2012 will bring several new products, including our first iOS releases, so stay tuned!

Ben Sandee
Founder, Orange Bike Labs

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