There are some public “Intents” documented that Orange Squeeze implements. Want to know what an Intent is? Check out this discussion. The Orange Squeeze Intents allow you to launch the app or perform other operations on the connection or servers that Orange Squeeze uses. You can use apps like Tasker to script these operations.

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com.orangebikelabs.orangesqueeze.actions.LAUNCH (start activity)
com.orangebikelabs.orangesqueeze.actions.CONNECT (broadcast)
com.orangebikelabs.orangesqueeze.actions.VOL_UP (broadcast)
com.orangebikelabs.orangesqueeze.actions.VOL_DOWN (broadcast)
ca.rebootsramblings.musicboss.VOL_UP (broadcast)
ca.rebootsramblings.musicboss.VOL_DOWN (broadcast)

The first two actions are the primary tasks within the app and they share the same functions, except for LAUNCH will actually launch the app to the foreground, whereas CONNECT will only operate on the background connection or establish one if it exists.

The volume up and volume down intents can be sent with no extras to change the volume of the current active player. The volume increment is currently fixed at +/- 10pts.


com.orangebikelabs.orangesqueeze.extras.PlayerId (string)
com.orangebikelabs.orangesqueeze.extras.PlayerName (string)
com.orangebikelabs.orangesqueeze.extras.SourceHost (string)
com.orangebikelabs.orangesqueeze.extras.SourcePort (integer, default=9000)
com.orangebikelabs.orangesqueeze.extras.SourceUsername (string)
com.orangebikelabs.orangesqueeze.extras.SourcePassword (string)

Extras should be supplied with the actions when desired. For example, to change to a specific player, include one of the “PlayerId” or “PlayerName” extras. To connect to a new source (server) include the “SourceHost” extra.

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