Orange Squeeze Preview Available

We are hard at work on version 1.3.0 of Orange Squeeze, which will improve the overall fit and polish of Orange Squeeze. To that end, we’ve released a preview app on Google Play called (fittingly) Orange Squeeze Preview. The best news is that this is completely free for existing users of Orange Squeeze! We’re going to use this app to test out new features and give people who want a taste of the bleeding edge something to chew on. This preview program replaces our old beta program; one of the main benefits to this approach is that you can have both apps installed side-by-side. This way, if something is temporarily broken in the preview release, you can always go back to the known stable version.

Please feel free to give it a shot and let us know what you think!

Orange Bike Labs is going on tour!

We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far! For Orange Bike Labs, this summer has been quite a roller-coaster ride.

We’ve had local and regional political upheaval, personal tragedies, developers conferencesroad trips, camping trips, and now to wrap things up we’re off on a ten-day (give or take) self-supported bicycle tour of Western Wisconsin.

We think it’s important to take time to enjoy life and take breaks from the grindstone. We love developing software and to keep the quality high we need these breaks.

Work is ongoing on existing and new projects, so keep your eyes peeled as the summer comes to a close, and enjoy our released software in the meantime.


Orange Squeeze 1.2.7 released

Today we released a bug-fix release of Orange Squeeze, version 1.2.7. Development of the next major release continues in parallel.

Here are the release notes:

Defects Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where some sorted lists would not be detected as sorted lists.
  • Fixed several isolated crashes reported on Google Play.

Orange Squeeze 1.2.6 released

Last week we did a soft-launch of Orange Squeeze 1.2.6, which contained several bug fixes and a few minor diagnostic enhancements.

Here are the release notes:


  • Added advanced preferences for verbose logging
  • Added integration with the excellent free app CatLog to allow easier submission of logs.

Defects fixed

  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when connecting to servers without any connected players.
  • Fixed several isolated crashes reported on Google Play.

Orange Squeeze 1.2.5 released

Today we released Orange Squeeze 1.2.5.  Stabilizing the 1.2.x release of the app has been a challenge, but we’re making progress. Part of developing apps for Android includes supporting a large number of devices — latest count is 1275 unique devices! This speaks to both the diversity of the platform and its users.

Here are the release notes for 1.2.5:


Defects fixed

  • Fixed several issues surrounding pinning menu items to the root menu, including #48.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when enabling Line In on a Boom from the browse menu. The behavior of the menu itself is still sub-optimal, but it no longer crashes.
  • Fixed several isolated (but persistent) crashes reported on Google Play

Orange Squeeze 1.2.4 released

This afternoon we pushed out a new release of Orange Squeeze to all of the normal destinations.  This is primarily a bug fix release, but it does include a few new features of note.  Here are the specifics:


  • Add option to customize Wake-On-LAN settings from the context menu of the “switch servers” or “connect” screen.
  • Default Wake-On-LAN settings now send packet to both ports 7 and 9.
  • General performance improvements when loading larger lists and any time multiple requests were active.

Defects fixed

  • Fixed several issues with older Logitech software versions (tested as far back as 7.3.3), including #46.
  • Several crashes reported on Google Play.
  • Various menu handling fixes, including issues #44, #45, #47.
  • Wake-On-Lan was not being triggered as expected under some circumstances.
  • Fix bug that was sending SqueezePlayer pings after Orange Squeeze had shut down.
  • Fix performance issue on Android 4.x devices where background processes would dramatically slow down artwork loading and other tasks.
  • Fix preference migration issue causing crashes when opening preference screen.

Orange Squeeze 1.2.2 released

I’m happy to announce that late last week we pushed out our first updates to the Orange Squeeze 1.2 series. This release incorporates tons of bug fixes and introduces new browsing modes based on Logitech’s Jive platform. This means that Orange Squeeze is now compatible with most of the server-side plugins that you may be accustomed to using like CustomBrowse, Biography, MusicInfo, etc.

With these updates come a few new bugs (thus the 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 releases so soon after 1.2.0), so you can expect more frequent bug fixes as we iron out the problems. Your patience is appreciated!

Major Changes

  • Uses new communications framework that mimics the behavior of SqueezePlay, SqueezeBox Touch and Squeezebox Radio devices.
  • Supports a wide variety of server plugins that alter the browsing characteristics of Squeezebox devices.
  • Item pinning allows the addition of certain higher-level menu items to the home menu.
  • Supports disabling artist artwork in preferences, if desired.

Minor changes

  • Indicator when network-driven popups are being loaded
  • Add option to pause/resume players when a call is made (previously only muting/unmuting was an option).

Defects fixed

  • Fix crash on launch if database upgrade failed or was incomplete.
  • Various menu handling fixes and improvements
  • Volume button was not visible in landscape mode in “Now Playing”
  • Better and more graceful handling when network connection drops.
  • Fix certain crashes when loading the artist list, due to problems building the artist artwork.
  • Plenty of stability improvements; too many to list individually.
  • A failed connection attempt via “Switch Server” no longer ends the existing connection.

Orange Squeeze 1.1.4 released

This week we’ve got a release of Orange Squeeze with several important bug fixes and one experimental new feature — wake on LAN.

Changes in 1.1.4 (and 1.1.3 — don’t ask)


  • Add experimental wake on LAN (WOL) for servers on the local wifi network (Gingerbread only)

Defects fixed

  • Improved connectivity checking behavior.
  • #22: Fix favorite removal that would sometimes result in favorite corruption.
  • Fix favorite addition for some audio types (URL-based internet radio services)
  • Fix a few rare force-closes reported on the market.

Orange Squeeze 1.1.2 released

1.1.2 is the version of Orange Squeeze that we released this week.  (No, you didn’t miss 1.1.1. We skipped it for technical reasons.) It’s primarily a bug fix release, stability and usability release, but there are a few enhancements that you may enjoy. It’s available in all of the normal locations.

Here is the full changelog:

Changes in 1.1.2


  • Added fast scroll by position for non-alphabetic lists like the playlist, new music, years, etc.
  • Use the same acceleration curve for volume button touches that we use for hardware keys. This allows for much more granularity using the +/- buttons.
  • Backup agent support to preserve preferences over phone wipe and app uninstallation
  • #16: New preference allows you to choose a default action for track and playlist selection: prompt (the default), play now, play next, or add to end of the current playlist.

Defects fixed

  • Automatic connect preference was not being honored (i.e. always autoconnect).
  • Preserve previous connection to SqueezePlayer if SqueezePlayer autostart is used at server connection time.
  • A few isolated force-close issues fixed.
  • Work around server discovery issue on some Android 4.0 (ICS) devices.
  • Excessive discovery packets were being broadcast.
  • Better flow in “Switch Server” task, which didn’t allow one to back out of it before.
  • Various visual cleanups
  • Cached image memory usage was a bit off, causing problems on some low-memory devices.

Orange Squeeze 1.1.0 Released

We’re happy to announce the release of Orange Squeeze 1.1.0, the first major feature upgrade release of the product. This adds two significant new features: synchronization support and integration with SqueezePlayer.

Synchronization support allows you to control which devices are synchronized with each other in a multi-device setup. For example, we might have a Squeezebox Boom in the kitcken, a Squeezebox 3 in the office and a Squeezebox Touch in the living room.  These devices can either be synchronized, or not, depending on your wishes. Now your wish is your command using Orange Squeeze.

Integration with SqueezePlayer allows you to seamlessly turn your Android device into a player of its own. You might have a tablet device running Orange Squeeze already, and now you can plug in a nice set of powered speakers, purchase SqueezePlayer, and you’ve got a Squeezebox that you can put anywhere and control using the easy-to-use Orange Squeeze interface.

In addition to these two new features, we’ve fixed several bugs and added some less notable features. They might be important to you, however. Here’s the complete list:

Changes in 1.1.0


  • #3: Synchronization support
  • Added direct integration with SqueezePlayer (resolves issue #13)
  • Added ability to rename players
  • Improved performance of artwork cache

Defects Fixed

  • Menu images not properly visible on Android versions 2.2 and lower
  • Playlist switch button improperly placed on Android 3.0 and higher
  • Drag and drop to first and last items (all places) worked but was sub-par