Orange Squeeze 2.0.7 released

The first new stable release of Orange Squeeze in 2014 went live today: 2.0.7. Along with the usual mix of bug fixes, compatibility updates and performance enhancements, it also introduces one much-desired new feature: You can now customize the contents of the root menu drawer. This includes adding items from a list or hiding certain items completely. Naturally, you can reorder the list by long-pressing an item in the customization screen. Then simply drag it where you want it go. The first item in the list will always be the default screen when Orange Squeeze opens. Note that this feature completely replaces the old “pin” to home menu capability.

For those that didn’t know, we’ve been issuing beta releases for those who participate in the beta program. It’s free, so check it out!


Orange Squeeze now available on Amazon

To celebrate the new year ahead, we’ve made Orange Squeeze available on the Amazon Appstore for Android. This addition makes it easier to enjoy Orange Squeeze on your Amazon Kindle devices, as well as any other Android device that has the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Amazon Appstore for Android - Orange Squeeze

Thank you for your support over 2013. We look forward to many improvements to Orange Squeeze and the Squeezebox ecosystem in 2014!

Orange Squeeze 2.0.6 Released

Oranges are in-season in the United States, and around the world!

Over the past few weeks we’ve released a flurry of winter-flavored updates to Orange Squeeze, and today we continue that trend by releasing version 2.0.6 to fix several issues.

If you’d like, check out the full changelog for the past few releases.

Edit: If you received Orange Squeeze 2.0.5 and are having connection problems, please upgrade to 2.0.6 which was released only a few hours later.

Orange Squeeze 2.0!

orange_squeeze_promoI’m very happy to announce the official launch of Orange Squeeze 2.0 for all of your Android and Squeezebox devices. This release is the culmination of a year of development, and I am very grateful to the dedicated testers who have been beating away on the app over that time. You braved crashes, long droughts of seemingly no development, and probably other things I can’t even imagine, but you all helped shape this great release. Thank you so much!

Now: Those of you who are paying closer attention know that the app has been available for a few weeks already. I decided to do a soft-launch to help mitigate any bugs discovered while the app was deploying to thousands of new devices. The reason I chose today to announce is that I’m finally comfortable making the judgement call that Orange Squeeze 2.0 is now the best, most stable version of Orange Squeeze for all of my customers. So, consider this the “grand opening” for version 2.0.

Past: It was just shy of two years ago, on December 15, 2011, that I released Orange Squeeze 1.0. We’ve all come a long ways since then. Why, there wasn’t even an Android tablet to be had back then, and Logitech was still supporting our beloved Squeezeboxes!

Future: Development continues on what will probably become version 2.1, albeit at a more subdued pace. If you are interested in tracking the development progress, please check out the Orange Squeeze Beta information page.

State of the Squeeze

It’s orange_squeeze_promobeen a long, long time since I had a post here. Over four months! Chalk it up to nothing particularly important to say and no time to say it.

Did you know that Orange Squeeze 2.0 Preview is available on over 4,000 different devices on Google Play? Sometimes it feels like even more. Work has been slow but steady on feature development, refinement, and bug fixes for Orange Squeeze 2.0. At this point, I’m honing in on what I would like to think is pretty much the core feature set for the release. It’s hard to even enumerate every single update, but here are the major changes that have happened since my last post in late May:

  • New UI based on the Android action bar and navigation drawer patterns.
  • Grid mode for tablet-class devices. This was a long time coming, because I wanted the artwork loading to be fast and seamless on a wide variety of devices. It’s working well on most devices that I am aware of.
  • New artist artwork generation technique — it uses a more traditional grid instead of the overlapping cards model in the past.
  • The current playlist view is updated to include some nice gestures, such as swipe-to-remove and also long-press to reorder. Overall the current playlist view is faster and more robust than before.
  • Orange Squeeze will now broadcast track and player metadata, allowing consumption of track and player metadata by third-party apps.
  • New track download backend that works around some issues with the previous one based on the Android download manager. Truth be told, this isn’t an area that I want to focus on, but I do want it working well enough for everyone so you can get the job done. Spit and polish for this feature will have to take a backseat to most other issues.
  • Browse fixes so that lots of plugins that weren’t working, now do. Examples include Lyrics plugin, album review, more advanced Album Artwork plugins, etc. Expect some additional improvements to browsing as well.
  • Improved media key button handling. There is more to come on this front, as additional options are added.

I truly appreciate the work that the you alpha/beta testers are doing. I know it’s frustrating when the app crashes or when it just doesn’t work how you want it to work. I’m working hard to understand everyone’s unique use case — the Squeezebox ecosystem is so varied and flexible that people are finding ways to use Orange Squeeze in ways I hadn’t even intended. I’m excited about where the app is headed and look forward to wrapping up this release!

Thanks everyone!

New Orange Squeeze Preview released

orange_squeeze_promoToday we dropped a new Orange Squeeze Preview 1.4 upgrade out on Google Play. We’ve been working on this round of preview releases since mid-January, and they add a lot of speed and compatibility improvements along with a bunch of bug fixes too. This particular update adds a few new browsing and now-playing refinements, along with a host of bug fixes from the previous release. We’re moving towards a stable release within the next month or so!

A reminder that Orange Squeeze Preview is FREE for all users of Orange Squeeze, and can be installed alongside your existing Orange Squeeze so that you don’t risk losing access to your music if you encounter a bug.

Since our last update, we also released seven small maintenance releases for the release version of Orange Squeeze, bringing the current version to 1.3.7. This has proven to be a relatively stable release and we will only be issuing updates if critical bugs or incompatibilities are discovered.

Orange Squeeze 1.3.0 released!

Well, we finally did it. 6+ months of work have culminated in the release of Orange Squeeze 1.3.0 on Google PlaySlideME, or AndroidPIT. This release adds some key missing features to the app and more importantly should improve overall stability and performance.

New Features

  • Updated visual styling
  • Introduction of the “compact” theme selection in preferences, along with refinements to the classic theme.
  • Ability to download tracks to your local device (Android 2.3/Gingerbread and higher).
  • Context menu available on now playing screen and from current playlist items.
  • Sleep capability for players
  • Two widgets available for your home screen. On Android 4.2 (Jellybean) and higher, these widgets may be placed on the lockscreen.
  • Players can be moved between servers from the player management screen.
  • Global search, now allows searching more music sources like Mog and Searches can automatically open up branches that you use.

This release is a free upgrade for all users! Thanks!

Orange Squeeze Preview Available

We are hard at work on version 1.3.0 of Orange Squeeze, which will improve the overall fit and polish of Orange Squeeze. To that end, we’ve released a preview app on Google Play called (fittingly) Orange Squeeze Preview. The best news is that this is completely free for existing users of Orange Squeeze! We’re going to use this app to test out new features and give people who want a taste of the bleeding edge something to chew on. This preview program replaces our old beta program; one of the main benefits to this approach is that you can have both apps installed side-by-side. This way, if something is temporarily broken in the preview release, you can always go back to the known stable version.

Please feel free to give it a shot and let us know what you think!

Orange Bike Labs is going on tour!

We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far! For Orange Bike Labs, this summer has been quite a roller-coaster ride.

We’ve had local and regional political upheaval, personal tragedies, developers conferencesroad trips, camping trips, and now to wrap things up we’re off on a ten-day (give or take) self-supported bicycle tour of Western Wisconsin.

We think it’s important to take time to enjoy life and take breaks from the grindstone. We love developing software and to keep the quality high we need these breaks.

Work is ongoing on existing and new projects, so keep your eyes peeled as the summer comes to a close, and enjoy our released software in the meantime.